The film begins with Georgekutty - a man accused of murder, visiting a newly-constructed police station. As he closes his eyes for a moment, the film shifts to a flashback.
Release Date: 19th Dec, 2013


The film begins with Georgekutty - a man accused of murder, visiting a newly-constructed police station. As he closes his eyes for a moment, the film shifts to a flashback.

Georgekutty, an orphan and a school dropout based, is an entrepreneur handling a cable-TV service based in Rajakkad. He and his middle-class family, consisting of his wife Rani, teenage-daughter Anju, and younger daughter Anumol - are his priorities, apart from his insatiable interest in cinema.

During a school excursion, Anju is discreetly video-graphed naked, by Varun Prabhakar, the only perverted son of the Inspector General of Police, Geetha Prabhakar. On August 2, Varun visits Anju and uses her explicit video to blackmail her for sex. That night, he infiltrates her house, demanding a night with her. However, Rani intervenes; having been informed by Anju. Rani begs Varun to spare her family's dignity, however, the latter retaliates by demanding that the former should satisfy his favours instead if Anju is to be spared. Out of fear, Anju tries to smash the phone from Varun's hand but on accident, smashes Varun's head, killing him instantaneously. Terrified with the prospect of being caught, Rani and Anju hastily bury Varun's corpse in their backyard, which Anumol witnesses from afar.

Upon returning from work the following morning, Geoergekutty is briefed about the night's events. Resolving to preserve his family's dignity at all costs, he inserts the SIM card of Varun's broken phone on a cellular phone and chucks it into a lorry (as a measure to trick the police), before disposing of Varun's yellow Maruti Zen in a lake. However, he is seen by Sahadevan - a police constable who bears animosity towards him. Upon realizing the necessity to create an alibi, Georgekutty takes his family on a trip Thodupuzha for the next two days.

Almost two weeks later, Geetha initiates an investigation into Varun's "disappearance". After an initial attempt to track his whereabouts, she discovers the Maruti Zen in the lake. Having discovered that Anju and Varun were in the school excursion together, and Varun's final reported appearance was on August 2, she summons Georgekutty's family for an informal interrogation. The police initially interrogate Georgekutty, Rani and Anju, however, they manage to maintain their alibi by providing evidence of their trip to Thodupuzha, by providing bills of various establishments that they had visited. Unconvinced, Geetha summons the family for an informal interrogation. Having foreseen this, Georgekutty had prepared his family into giving similar statements about their activities on August 2 and August 3 - attending a religious service, eating at a restaurant, staying at a hotel, and watching a film at a theatre. With the police unable to crack their alibis, the family is let go, although Georgekutty predicts that they may be apprehended again. He consequently has Rajesh - his brother-in-law, to summon the media, if the police come for them again.

Concurrently, Geetha interrogates the members of various establishments that Georgekutty's family had visited on their trip - two bus conductors, the receptionist of the hotel, the manager of the restaurant and the film operator of the theatre. She also interrogates Georgekutty's close associates; however, they all testify that Georgekutty's family were at Thodupuzha. Geetha discovers that the religious service that the family had "attended", had been recorded and distributed through CD's. She then deduces Georgekutty's alibi - the family had indeed travelled to Thodupuzha, but instead, on different dates; Georgekutty had prudently procured authentic bills, dated August 2 and August 3 from the respective establishments, before taking his family on the trip to Thodupuzha on August 5 and August 6 and visiting the same establishments. She further reasons that Georgekutty had disposed of the bills of his August 5 and 6, and saved the ones he had solely procured. She again deduces that the family may have visited the members of the respective establishments again, and had made acquaintance with them - thus securing the members' strong, yet unintentional support for the alibi.

Seeking to end the mystery, Geetha has the police forcefully apprehend Georgekutty and his family. Geetha authorizes the use of brute force to get the truth but in vain. Concurrently, Geetha and Prabhakar learn about Anju's video through Alex - Varun's friend, who had accompanied him during the school excursion. Geetha then authorizes Sahadevan to interrogate Anu; this proves fruitful when Sahadevan thrashes Anu into revealing the truth. Anu confesses that Varun's corpse was buried in the family's backyard; however, only the corpse of a calf is unearthed, implying that Georgekutty had shifted Varun's corpse. Frustrated, Sahadevan attempts to attack Georgekutty, only to be thwarted by an angry mob led by Rajesh.

With insurmountable public opposition towards the brutish interrogation of Georgekutty, Varun's case is put on hold; Sahadevan is suspended, while Geetha resigns from the police department.

Several weeks later, Georgekutty is summoned by Geetha and Prabhakar - seeking forgiveness for their brash interrogative methods and their son's perverting nature. After pleading with him to divulge the truth regarding Varun's whereabouts, Georgekutty cryptically confesses to killing him, explaining that he would do anything to protect his family's dignity. Back in the present, Georgekutty signs a register at the newly-constructed police station. When the officer-in-charge vows to apprehend him, the latter replies that he still believes in the police, as a protector of society. As Georgekutty leaves, another flashback occurs simultaneously - showing him leaving the then-unfinished police station at night, implying that he had buried Varun's corpse there.