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Mom-to-be Bipasha Basu opens up on being body positive in pregnancy!

5th Sep, 2022

Presently, Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover are on cloud nine due to the new phase of their lives. Both will soon step into the new phase of their lives and embrace parenthood. In a latest media chat, the actress talked about flaunting a baby bump and how does she deal with all the negativity. 

In a media chat, Bipasha Basu revealed that she understands that everyone is entitled to an opinion and it is all respected. Further, she disclosed that the actress is leading her life and will focus on the 99% good rather than 1% negativity and this is the way to move on in life. The actress further revealed, “I'm a body-positive person. I believe that you have to love the body you live in. My philosophy in life is to love yourself and it's all around the magic of having this beautiful body as a machine. If you don't keep this body healthy, you're not going to lead a happy life. So, a lot of focus is on the body. At this beautiful stage of life when I'm transforming into a mother and my body had changed, I want to celebrate it. I still want to live myself. I still want to flaunt it. Because this is not going to be there forever. I'd rather focus on the positivity around me and I get a lot of love from fans, media, people from the business and everyone else. I feel overwhelmed with the love and wishes that have come my way.”