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Aryan Khan opens about her parents SRK and Gauri Khan’s on his new venture!

14th Dec, 2022

Bollywood’s powerful couple Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan's son Aryan Khan enjoys a huge fan following on social media. After finishing his studies, the star kid is all set to make his debut as a writer and director. Amid conjectures, Aryan confirmed that he is working on a script of a series and the project will go on floors by early 2023. 

Lately, Aryan has started his venture into the luxury lifestyle business. Now, in a latest interview, Aryan has opened up on how his parents have reacted. While talking to a tabloid, the star kid was asked about his parents, SRK and Gauri and the commonality between them as they also have several business ventures. He revealed that they are 'extremely encouraging' about his new venture. Aryan revealed, "The commonality between the family is that they believe in following what you’re passionate about. My mom is a producer, but she loves interior design. She’s made a successful business out of it because she loves doing it. My dad is an actor, but he also has a VFX studio, a production company, and because we loved sports, we got into it about 10 years ago. Now, there’s a global sporting franchise that’s expanding and doing really well. It’s not like you can either do this or that. I believe that if you like something and feel that there’s an opportunity that presents itself and a void you can fill, you can do a multitude of things."

He further revealed, "My parents are extremely encouraging about the new venture. When you know what you’re passionate about, you can make it your business. Because then business isn’t business anymore, it’s personal. And when business is personal, that’s when it really flourishes."