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Somy Ali opens up about her past relationship with Salman Khan!

10th Jan, 2023

Actress Somy Ali has opened up on her relationship with superstar Salman Khan and in a tell-all Instagram post, she has revealed how Salman allegedly beat her up and berated her in front of his friends. For the unversed, it is important to mention that Somy Ali and Salman dated each other in the 90s. In one of her Instagram posts, Somy Ali also said that she is no longer scared of Salman. 

"How do you define the real Salman Khan, and why? There is no black and white. We are all gray thus Salman can be very kind to let's say some actor or pets and he can be brutally ruthless to another human being. I deem Bill Clinton to be one of our best presidents aside from his negligence in what was taking place in Rwanda during his presidency, but remember what he was doing with his intern, Monica Lewinsky," Somy Ali wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

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