Two men trespass into SRK’s bungalow Mannat!

6th Mar, 2023

Two young males recently broke into Shah Rukh Khan's Mannat home in Mumbai. They allegedly scaled the outer compound wall, entered Mannat, and then went inside SRK's house. Security personnel for Shah Rukh captured them. They were turned over to the police after the security personnel notified the Bandra police. After the police questioned the two men for a long time, they stated that they had travelled from Gujarat to meet Shah Rukh Khan.

According to press reports, this incident happened at 4 am. According to the Indian Criminal Code, the two males have been charged with trespassing and other pertinent offences (IPC). Further research is being done. The two males were Shah Rukh Khan admirers who wanted to meet him and have a close-up look at the celebrity, according to a police officer. The investigation hasn't turned up any more genuine bad intents as of yet. According to reports, the police would contact their relatives and inquire about any previous arrests they may have made with the Gujarat police.

According to media reports, Shah Rukh's security team detained the men after spotting them loitering about Mannat's grounds. Shah Rukh, according to the report, was not at home when the men leapt into the Mannat enclosure. According to a source who spoke with a media source, SRK was gone filming Jawan. He went to sleep after returning home later. The two fans were discovered to be lurking inside by the Mannat security team, who later apprehended them, according to the source.